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Fruit & Nut Snak with Berry Suet Nuggets

  • Our Snak Cakes fill a variety of wild bird feeding needs and we use the highest quality and cleanest seed available today!
  • Our unique formulations combine the finest in fruits, nuts and seed
  • Wild bird acceptance is overwhelming and confirmed by independent research

C&S Fruit & Nut Snak is an innovative seed cake that is held together with gelatin and mixed with the finest fruits, nuts, seeds, and Berry Suet Nuggets. This snak creates less mess, less waste, and is longer lasting than regular wild bird seed mixes. It would be a great addition to your backyard buffet and will result in successful "Year Round" wild bird feeding.


Seed cakes traditionally fed in vinyl - coated wire cages. They are inexpensive and durable. Wire dimensions vary depending on how starling or squirrel resistant you want your feeder to be. The cages may be hung from branches, tree trunks, or hooks. There are also several designs available combining wire with wood or plastic.