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Cherry Treat

  • Mixture of rendered beef suet, white millet, corn & processed cherries
  • Meets the demand of a large variety of birds year round
  • Treats will become soft and pliable at 100 degrees if exposed to extreme heart and return to normal hardness at room temperature
  • Our quality processes allows suet to be fed year round
  • For year round wild bird feeding
  • Nutritionally balanced to provide wild birds with much needed energy

Cherry Treat is produced by melting the highest quality beef fat; blending it with a variety of seeds and berries which are then poured into our trays to harden. C&S's quality and special processes allow suet to be fed year round resulting in summer suet feeding success by our consumers.

 Wild Bird Suet is traditionally fed in vinyl - coated wire cages. They are inexpensive and durable. Wire dimensions vary depending on how starling or squirrel resistant you want your feeder to be. The cages, or baskets, hold from 1 - several C&S Suet Cakes or Bricks. The cages may be hung from branches, tree trunks, or hooks. There are also several designs available combining wire with wood or plastic.